In order for you to remember what day it is and to keep track of the year, we have put together a great tool to help you, the calendar of the Estonian Wildlife Center!

This summer our volunteers cared for 128 baby squirrels🐿, 77 bunnies🐇, 261 little hedgehogs🦔and 5 fox cubs🦊 , until they were old enough to be released.

In order to further develop and improve the Estonian Wildlife Center!

Yesterday around 15:30 we received a worried phone call from a young girl.

The favourite holiday of an Estonian, midsummers eve, is not too far away anymore.

On the 24th of august around 8 pm, Angela got herself a new patient in the form of a toad, who had lost its flounder part on hind leg.

Today we received a call about a lonely tawny-owl chick, who was sitting in a sparse shrub and seemed to need help.

Time and time again, we have to remind you to check your dog's current vaccines and, if necessary, have your pets re-vaccinated.

At the beginning of September we received a notice, that a hedgehog with a large and purulent wound on the back, was found in Tartu.

On a day in August we got a message about a bird, who was moving only on the ground and didn’t fly.

This year the time has come very early, when wild animals start having babies (and it’s already happening).

The season of baby birds began this year with a tawny owl chick, who was found today in Tallinn.

On the 20th of January we received a message from a distressed woman, who had found a young jackdaw in her garden in Saue.

On the 10th of January we wrote about an injured hedgehog girl, found right before Christmas, who we named Berbel.

One day in May, a helpless baby crow was found lying on the ground in Tuvi Park, in Tallinn.

Around lunchtime on the 29th of January, we received a call from Piiumetsa village in Türi.

Often volunteering involves not only the volunteer herself, but also all her relatives.

Two months ago we got a notice, that a helpless, owl like bird has been found.

Sirli, the finder shares the story with us of how they found the hedgehog family in their country home in Põlva parish.

Prints is living a very good life with Angela.

On the 20th of december we got a notice, that there is a hawk like bird for two days, who can’t fly, in a sand quarry in Kõrveküla, Tartu county.

The condition of the fox got worse in the morning of December the 29th in the clinic, seizure medication helped only for a short time and the animal had to be euthanized.

In the beginning of August, we received a notice, that three little baby squirrels had been found.

In the beginning of August there was found a motherless baby hedgehog, beside him was laying two lifeless bodies of his littermates.

Mike the pigeon was found on the 16th of november from the parking lot of mustamäe Prisma.

7th of November we received a notice from Kohila.

7th of November, Tartu, Riia highway. In the middle of the day a woodcock (Scolopax rusticola) is wondering disoriented in front of a house, another window hit.

It is the 7th of November and our telephone operator receives a troubled call from Elva:
"Since the early morning, a lonely european roe deer (Capreolus capreolus) has been spotted in the field. Sometimes he lies down, sometimes moves."

About an hour ago we received a notice that a bird has been found on the road at Vääna-Jõesuu.There seemed to be no blood, the bird had moved but didin’t fly away.

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