Prints is living a very good life with Angela.

His leg is completely healed and we’re waiting for spring, to finally release Prints to his natural environment. His food consist of incects and earthworms and luckily we can say, that we can’t complain about his appetite. Prints enjoys taking baths in the storage box at the day time. In the meantime, he can walk and crawl around the room, and if necessary he makes couple of jumps too. That gives us feeling of security, that he can make it successfully in wilderness, without his hind leg float.

Angela says: “I’m sincerely glad, that I can cooperate with him. Toads are very cool. It’s very exciting to observe their existence and actions. The way he hunts and researches things is absolutely incredible. Sometimes it seemes, that he’s waiting in the nest, his float in the bowl and wondering if it’s feeding time already?”

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