Sirli, the finder shares the story with us of how they found the hedgehog family in their country home in Põlva parish.

“While cleaning up construction residues in early July, we found a hedgehog in the pile on wood. I saw that there was hedgehog mommy with her litter. We were very happy to have our own hedgehogs now, in addition to the vipers. We covered the nest with wood, to prevent rain getting in there and forbidded our children not to touch it.

Five days passed when our children came crying, that there is a dead baby hedgehog in front of the nest. Soon they came back with the news, that there is a dead hedgehog in the neighbor’s field. Rather just a shaggy thorny body (for couple of days I’ve had seen crows minding their business in there). By then I already had bad apprehension. Once again I tried to peek in the nest, if mommy hedgehog was there, but all I could see were the babies. Children thought right away, that the dead hedgehog in the field was the mommy hedgehog, I didn’t want to think the worst. We didn’t took the nest apart that night and hoped for the best. The night passed with concern and I started the next day with a phone call to the Estonian Wildlife Center and described the situation. The phone was answered by Airiin, who reccommended to take the nest apart immediately and to examine the situation of the hedgehog babies. We found four cold and helpless babie hedgehog with their eyes closed, they were literally crying. As long as Airiin organized transport, we warmed up the hedgehogs and after few hours, we met half way to Tartu and our country home. I think that babies were without their mother for four days, on the next day after we had found the nest our neighbor was mowing the field with a tractor, that moment had to be the time that mommy hedgehog went to hunt for the food, that was the way her life ended. Weather was quite cold by that time and the rain was pouring constantly. Those little fellows are truly brave and viable, for that they survived!”

Airiin took the baby hedgehogs to our care home in Elva, where it took few days before they opened their eyes. Then it was the time to learn to eat by themselves and to discover the world. Soon, they moved to the outdoor cage, where they had more room to move around. They didn’t gain the necessary weight by the time to be released in autumn, so they had to stay in the care home over winter. When spring arrives, they’ll go back in their real home- to the Sirli’s family.

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