Often volunteering involves not only the volunteer herself, but also all her relatives.

“My grandfather likes crows very much and in the summer, when we had lots of baby crows, I offered him to raise up one of them.
It went so far, that by the end of the summer he had raised up five crows.

It was a very interesting experience for all of us. To see how crows grow up, learn to fly and how they establish relationships with the crows who came from the forest. The brightest moment cerainly was, when one of the last baby crows was able to fool the forest crow.
Grandfather’s crows had fixed feeding times and often the forest crows were there to eat aswell.
At the moment when the crows were given food, the forest crows were peeking from far away, as soon as the human disappeared from sight, they dared to come closer. We could see them eating from the window - the crow which was grown by us opened its mouth and crow from the forest gave food to our crow like it was its own baby. The literature reads, how crows are fooling their parents to feed themselves until they are three years old, but we couldn’t predict that the crow raised by humans can do that with any other crow.

All five crows joined with the crows in the woods and went to migration together. Grandfather has indicated, that he’s ready to raise more crows. For that, we’re planning to build proper cage, to provide all necessary conditions to baby crows.

Two of the crow babies needed sandals to wear, because their toes were in the wrong positions and they couldn’t grasp. That kind of malformations often occurs in urban crows and their babies due to malnutrition. The food doesn’t include enough of the nutrients it needs and this causes malformations. Although crows are well-known omnivores, still they shouldn’t eat everything!

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