Around lunchtime on the 29th of January, we received a call from Piiumetsa village in Türi.

A northern goshawk had killed a rooster in the caller’s yard the night before, but for some reason it had stayed behind and seemed dizzy. The bird had no visible injuries and by the next day she was acting a bit angrier, but still wouldn’t fly away.

The caller transported the hawk to Paide, to recover under Virge’s care. After a serious cockfight the goshawk was covered in blood from both birds and it also had blood up its nose. After a decent wash the hawk was given a ring around its foot. The ringer said they had never seen a female goshawk with feet this big, but she only weighed 920g l, which is not a lot for an adult bird.
Fortunately, some pampering and rest was all that the bird needed to fly off again! Because of its light weight the hawk was not released where it was found, but instead next to a farm where it would be easier to immediately find food.

The family who transported the hawk to Virge were still very upset, since only a month ago a fox took one of their two roosters and now the other one was gone too. To thank them for helping this northen goshawk, the Estonian Wildlife Rescue will gift a new rooster to the family, kindly donated by a few foxes waiting to be re-released.

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