One day in May, a helpless baby crow was found lying on the ground in Tuvi Park, in Tallinn.

Next to the baby crow was its nest mate, who was already dead. Our volunteer, Karina, took the baby crow under her care. When the crow arrived to its new home, it was very apathetic and only sat in the corner, Karina gave it water with honey and forcibly fed it. Soon, the crows power came back and it started going to work with Karina, so that it could be fed every three hours. When the bird no longer needed to be fed so oftenly, crow could stay home from work and Karina went to give it lunch on her daily brakes.
As time passed, the helpless baby crow grew into a beautiful young bird. It spent its days in the big cage on the balcony and caught attention of a big crow who started visiting our crow, sitting on a big tree next to the balcony and socializing.
When the crow was big enough and the cage started to get small for it, it moved to Virge, where it began to live in a outside cage and prepare for adult life with other crows.

By now the crow has been released and hopefully lives a full life of the crow!

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