Soon it’s time for the grey seals and ringed seal to give birth.

Because there were no big minus degrees this winter, not to mention snow and ice, they give birth on the coast. They come to give birth on the beach, near which they have given birth before on the ice by their instinct. A place that is nice to them and good enough to bring new life to it.

The animals haven’ t considered, that there will be anyone to harm and to distract them.
Even, when people mean no harm, their presence near the beach disturbs the peace of the animals. We know that it’ s a huge favor to ask, but the period when we’ re asking not to be on the beach lasts for a month, from the second week of February til to mid- March. Let’ s enjoy the beautiful hiking trails of our homeland during this period! After that period, there’s no need to worry anymore, by this time mothers have left their decendants and the danger is gone.
We understand, that the curiosity is great, the seal baby is cute and exciting, but making a selfie with it and sharing its location with others, costs the animal its life. Taking a picture and worrying is only justified, if you see blood or the animal seems to be sluggish. In that case, please contact us immediately and send us a picture or video, so we can evaluate the seriousness of the situation.

The ringed seals giving birth succsessfully on the ground has never been seen before. This situation is new, even for the specialists.

The ringed seal is unable to protect itself from the dogs and eagles. Because of human excitement it’s definitely doomed, if someone walks nearby, the mother doesn’ t return 100%
Grey seal on the other hand can defend itself, as it’ s much bigger than the ringed seal. It protects itself with a bite. As a result of the grey seals bite, it takes very long for the victim to heal, because of the bacteria living in the mouth of the animal.

Dogs must be on the leash. Loose dog on the beach is not allowed. This is definitely one of the biggest dangers for baby seals and to dogs themselves.

Let’ s repeat it again.
We ask for your help, to give these little ones a chance to live, let’s guarantee the animals their privacy!
🙏❤️ (ᵔᴥᵔ)

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