On the 10th of January we wrote about an injured hedgehog girl, found right before Christmas, who we named Berbel.

She had a nasty, old, deep wound on her back.
It has now been a month and a half since she was found. During this time, we’ve used up a lot of cotton buds, wound spray and cleaner, given the necessary antibiotics and painkillers, which make the situation bearable, in addition to vitamins and varied high quality food. That’s quite a long list of procedures - add to this the hedgehog girl’s attempts to escape every night by chewing at the cage. And most importantly, A WONDERFUL RECOVERY!
By now the wound is very small and we can see tiny new quills starting to grow around it.

Estonians have a saying, “an illness arrives at the speed of a horse and leaves at the speed of an ox”.
That’s true! If something happens, then it usually happens very fast, but the recovery afterwards takes persistence and time. This is something that money can’t buy, but the volunteers of Wildlife Rescue are willing to spend it for the animals in our care. The most invaluable reward is a healthy animal, being released back into the wild.

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