On the 20th of January we received a message from a distressed woman, who had found a young jackdaw in her garden in Saue.

The message said that the bird seemed young and blind in one eye. The woman had brought the bird indoors to evade the cats, given it some food and then messaged us to ask for help.
Our volunteer Kairi transported the jackdaw to Sõle vet clinic, where they discovered that the bird had bleeding in the front chamber of its right eye. He was prescribed a painkiller once a day, as well as anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving eyedrops four times a day, which also curb the growth of bacteria that can cause eye infections.
From there, our volunteer Kristiina took the bird under her care. The jackdaw was named Pärt. Since Pärt doesn’t have a clear perception of where objects are, he prefers to hold on to something most of the time to feel safer. He has many branches in his cage for this, to make life a little bit more interesting. He has figured out the position of the food bowl quite nicely, but because he can’t aim properly while eating, the bowl is big enough that even by trying at random, he can still always grab something.
At first there was a 50:50 chance of the eye recovering, as at the beginning Pärt’s eye was constantly swollen shut, but in a week the eye was open and the swelling had gone down.
On the 5th of February Pärt went to the vet’s for the second time, where they confirmed that the eye had been healing nicely, the swelling had disappeared and the blood was almost gone from the eye. Pretty soon he will be able to see with this eye as well. The treatment with eyedrops, four times a day, will continue and he has another appointment at the vet’s in a month’s time.
Hopefully then he will get the green light for freedom!

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