The season of baby birds began this year with a tawny owl chick, who was found today in Tallinn.

It was first taken to one of our volunteers in Tallinn, Merilin, where it got its first meal. Fortunately it was eating well and cooperating straight away. From there, Mart, who always offers to help with transportation, took the owl to Paide, to be looked after by Virge.

Information from the ornithologist shows that the last time tawny owls were nesting in tge same place was in 2002. Last year they noted a nesting tree, which was home to a lucky family living there for the first time in a while. Today the ornithologist looked for another nesting tree, but unfortunately it couldn’t be found.

The owl babies keep popping from the tree and we do our best to bring them back to their moms in a safe and healthy way.
Yesterday we got a call from the same person, who informed us about the first owl, there was a new fluffy owl chick on the ground.
This owl chick was active and was standing on a branch, the same couldn’t be said about the first bird, it was put in the shade of a tree, where it bravely waited for its mommy.
In the evening our informant went to check if the bird is still there, it still sat nicely on the branch and due to its camouflage, it missed all the dangers.
At night the ornithologist went to see if he hears the hooting of the mommy bird and the calling of the owl chick, but to no avail. The weather was to blame.
By the morning we were pleased to hear that the owl chick was no longer sitting on the branch, there is no sign of feathers on the ground to suspect anything bad had happened and so we can conclude, that apparently its mommy called the owl chick to go with her.

This morning 8:15 Virge sent the first owl chick to Tallinn from Paide, this chick was named Nöps. Compared to the moment, when Nöps was taken to a safe place, after it was attacked by the crows, Nöps was like the other baby bird. There was no need to feed it one piece after another anymore, stood upright on its feet and was angry like a wasp as a proper predator is supposed to be!

On the way to Tallinn Nöps got a ring around its leg and in Tallinn our volunteer, Merilin, will take Nöps back to the place it was found to get back together with its mommy.

We’d like to emphasize and reiterate, that our goal is not to pick up as many animal babies and baby birds as possible, but to help when there’s any need of help, and if there’s any hope, we try to to give them back to their moms!

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