The fox puppies were named after the places they had been found.

Põlva and Koeru. Puppy from Põlva was found with its brother, both of them were in very bad condition. On Their path to Virge in Paide puppies started together, only one of them arrived there alive. Its condition was very critical, eyes were upside down and its body was sluggish. Virge feared the worst, but neither of them gave up. The puppy had the willpower in its eyes, fortunately, injecting saline for two days brought it to life.

Information about fox puppies moving around without a mother in Koeru came to us a day before finding the puppy.
Since our priority is not to pick up all the puppies, but to make sure that maybe there is a mother around, Virge let the informant to wait for the fox mother to arrive. She came to pick up her puppies at night, leaving behind hypothermic and probably one of the weakest puppies of the litter. Our volunteer, Liina, went to pick up the fox in dark with a flashlight. Puppy showed no resistance, layed down and even didn’t growl. Koeru was taken to Virge, where after a couple days of caring the calm, helpless puppy became an active and evil caracter. Just like one proper fox puppy must be. Koeru has very strong character and it has the most beautiful fur Virge has ever seen.

Introduction of Koeru to Põlva took very long time. Had to make sure, they wouldn’t hurt each other. Finally it succeeded and they moved together to the big outside cage. Põlva was a true boss by nature, very curious and courageous. Koeru on the other hand was very reserved, careful and kept in the backround. The foxes characters also appears in the releasing video, Põlva is first to, very curiously and Koeru goes fast towards the forest.

Both of the foxes left an indelible mark on Virges heart. Even though they never looked back for goodbye! 🙂

Have a happy life you two! ❤️🦊🌲

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