On a day in August we got a message about a bird, who was moving only on the ground and didn’t fly.

Cuckoo Kuku arrived at our volunteer, Signe, late in the evening of the 3rd of August. On that evening everything seemed to be okay with the bird. After feeding, it spent the night in a transport cage on a heating mat. At 6 o’clock in the morning, it’s situation was much different, than in the evening. Kukus right eye was shut, its entire body was paralyzed and had frequent seizures. It seemed like the end is near. Signe was praising and stroking the bird and put it back in the cage, where it could rest without any disturbance. After an hour the bird was still alive and after another hour still. At that point, we just had to do something for the bird. Since Kuku was breathing through the beak and its mucous membrane was dry, drop-by-drop Signe started moistening the birds beak. The Cuckoo swallowed all of the water that had gathered into the beak, at that moment Signe said to Kuku: “You can die due to your own injuries but you can’t starve to death!” Between the birds seizure episodes, Signe started to feed it liquid food mixture and Kuku swallowed every time! After that it was clear, that physiotherapy had to be started on the bird. In the evening the seizures had stopped, but the head was still shaking and one eye was shut. Kukus entire body was paralyzed, weak grip in one leg, not even that in the other leg.
Probability of the cuckoos survival was really small.
On the next morning Kuku was still alive. This gave a new ray of hope, that maybe everything will be okay with it! Physiotherapy continued, slowly the other leg started to grip and this already was a very big victory. The wings were numb at first, but after a couple of days a tiny buzz appeared in the wings when stretching them, which meant only one thing. The wings will also start functioning!
A couple of days later it already spread its wings, and was moving by carrying itself forward with the beak. It still had trouble standing up, since one leg was significally weaker than the other one, the bird was constantly falling on its side.
The healing process was noticeable every day.
The whole time, when Kuku was healing at Signes, it was necessary to force feed it after every hour, so it wouldn’t lose weight.
This is how stubborn the cuckoo was! Every feeding was followed by a massage and exercise.
Two and a half weeks later, the long waited moment arrived. Kuku spread out its wings and flew back to freedom again!
Have a beautiful life, brave cuckoo!

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