At the beginning of September we received a notice, that a hedgehog with a large and purulent wound on the back, was found in Tartu.

The distressed finder, Ilme, describes finding a hedgehog as follows: “ I was walking towards home and saw a hedgehog on the lawn. The animal ran under the tree in a pile of leaves. I stood there, to see where he was going, but he came out again and I noticed, that he had no thorns on his back. I stopped it with the help of a plastic bag and saw, that the hedgehog had a big wound on its back and the wound was rotting. That’ s where the hedgehogs story began. I called to a number, that should be helpful if you find an animal in trouble.
They promised to come, asked for an address and location, but no one came.
I waited until evening and started looking for help elsewhere. That’ s when I found the Estonian Wildlife Center, people who help animals from good will. I was sent to a veterinarian with a hedgehog, where nothing was done, and I was advised to take the animal back into the wild to heal.
I reconnected with the center and this idea was dropped, the hedgehog had to heal in the care home of the Wildlife Center. I really liked this solution. “
The wound was properly cleaned in the care home and healing could begin. It took almost three months for the wound to heal completely, during that wound cleansing and creaming had to be done three times a day. The hedgehog was very angry and acted like a proper hedgehog every time someone came near to it. However, it was very patient while wound cleaning and waited calmly until the long procedure was done.
The hedgehog spends its winter at the care home hibernating.
In spring, Ilme is waiting the hedgehog back, this time in her own garden, where it will have a long and peaceful hedgehog life!

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