Time and time again, we have to remind you to check your dog's current vaccines and, if necessary, have your pets re-vaccinated.

Yesterday a fox, who was having seizures was found in Mäo. The hunter thought that the fox had been hit by a car, but it is always wise to fear rather than regret later!
The hunter took the foxes head for samples and delivered it to the VTA, the rabies sample was taken which is mandatory, but they didn’ t see any reason to spend our resources on taking the sample for the canine plague, which is unfortunately not paid for by the state.
Positive, as well as negative test results for the canine plague test are taken through the year and these answers don’ t really give any certainty as to whether the plague is in the area or isn’ t.

We ask you to protect your dogs, It's your duty and responsibility for your pet! 🙏❤️

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