On the 24th of august around 8 pm, Angela got herself a new patient in the form of a toad, who had lost its flounder part on hind leg.

The bone was showing and the wound had millions of fly larvae in it. After 2.5 hours of cleaning the wound from the larvae and treating it with the medicine, one can only hope that the situation will improve.

The frog was named Prince. Fortunately he had a very good appetite and a great hunting instinct. Over time, Prince's wound healed and his muscles recovered.
During the winter, Angela took care of Prints and he enjoyed eating the species-specific food and taking daily bath rituals. Occasionally, he walked around and if necessary he jumped too. This gave the confidence, that Prints will be released in the spring.

Now, this long-awaited spring has arrived and Prints was released to enjoy his frog life to the fullest!

Have a wonderful life and may your always have a full belly, little Prints! ❤️🐸

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