7.03 we got a message from our volunteer, Kairi Sinijärv.

Her daughter had found a squirrel on Valdeku Street, who had a problem with its front paws. The squirrel was taken to our volunteer Merilin. Merilin saw, that the front paws didn’ t work and its mouth was slightly scratched. The squirrel might have been hit by a car. At the first examination it was made clear, that the squirrel was female and the bones looked healthy, but there was a suspicion, that she was pregnant, seems as if something was moving in the belly.

Merilin went to the Animal Emergency Clinic, where the squirrel was welcomed by vet Nikolajs Oborins, who also said, that she seems to be pregnant.
An x-ray was done, where fortunately no fractures were found, but there was a possibility that the animal had swelling in the head. Pregnancy could not be confirmed, because skelets weren’ t seen, but there was a chance, that pregnancy was still in the early stages. The squirrel got prescribed medicine and now it was time to wait if her condition will improve over time.

The squirrel was named Diva, because of her tetchy nature.

Luckily for us, the motion of the front paws started to recover gradually, but her eating was still a concern. She didn't want to eat on her own, probably because of the discomfort in her front paws. From there, it was decided that Merilin would feed her with a special blend of milk powder which is meant for squirrels, so that Diva could get all the vitamins and minerals she needs. Fortunately for Merilin, she liked it very much and Diva licked the milk nicely from the bottle.
Diva had been with Merilin for 10 days, when she discovered that the squirrel was becoming rounder . When Merilin touched her belly, she felt obvious movements in there. The idea of squirrel babies had been forgotten, as there hadn’t been no signs of pregnancy so far.

Now it was time to get a nest box and fast! Merilin made the blueprints and her father and sister started to build it. The next day, the nest box was ready.
With each feeding the squirrel's stomach seemed to grow bigger and the movements were more and more noticeable.
On day 22.03, Diva was more active than usual, came out of the nest box, layed on it and seemed a little restless. Merilin thought, that Diva was already feeling better and that she was recovering. Watching the stomach she could see how the babies were moving, but counting the days of gestation, it seemed that there was still 1-2 weeks left before the babies would come. The idea was to place an infrared camera in the nest box to see what Diva was doing, but apparently the time calculation was wrong and it was too late for it.

Before going to bed, Merilin checked on how Diva felt each night and was surprised by the routine check-up at 22.03. It seemed that the squirrel was about to give birth!
Merilin dared to peek again in the morning and it turned out that Diva had become a mommy!
Now, the fresh mom needs to be given as much peace and quiet as possible. Diva is clever, when she comes out of the nest box, she covers the babies. But Merilin managed to peek, that there were five babys at first, but only three strong squirrel babies remain in the nest.

Recently, Diva got caught holding food between the paws and eating it, orange and mango are her favorites. She also licks milk from the bowl herself so eagerly, that the bowl shines afterwards. Merilin continues to give her milk to support the mother's body while raising her babies.

Here we would like to remind you to be careful when driving, because squirrels often like to cross the road. When taking the trees down, you should make sure, that no one has a nest in there. Since the baby season has begun, we want all the animal and bird babies to grow up safely with their moms!

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