The favourite holiday of an Estonian, midsummers eve, is not too far away anymore.

Taking into account the current situation, it is unknown how this holiday will be celebrated this year, but most likely midsummers eve fires will not be unlit. At the moment, people are doing springchores. Cutting treebranches, cleaning yards and gardens. A lot of material comes from this cleaning, that is specifically collected in a pile for the fire. But these piles are great places for our birds, rodents and hedgehogs to nest in and produce their offsprings.
Do a favour to our little friends and collect your fire material a bit further from the fireplace. Before midsummers eve, it’s easy to just put that material to your fireplace and avoid the death of these little creatures, who have made their nests in the pile. This can be a fun activity for the whole family, which is a good way to learn for adults and children. But you must remember, that if you do find a nest during the material relocating, you can’t disturb the peace of the nest and the activity must be stopped!
It is also possible to just cover your woodpile with a plastic cover. In that case you should also close any entrance to go under the plastic for rodents and hedgehogs. Our birds and animals are clever and can quickly find a new and hopefully safer place to produce their offsprings in.

Please respect the peace of the nest and life that is already fragile enough!
Before you light your match, take a moment for thinking!

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