In order for you to remember what day it is and to keep track of the year, we have put together a great tool to help you, the calendar of the Estonian Wildlife Center!
There are even two choices!
One is the nature calendar, which contains 12 beautiful, high-quality photos of Estonian animals in different seasons.
The second contains 4 fantasy images, which reflect the most pressing concerns of our forests and forest residents, the way we see them!
The magical visual illusions were born out of a collaboration between our beloved photographer Virge Võsujalg and the wonderful graphic designer Hert Niks.
The calendars are in A3 format.
By purchasing a calendar from the Wildlife Center, you support the treatment and rehabilitation of injured Estonian wildlife!�The price of one calendar is 15€, for deliveries within Estonia the Smartpost fee of 2.59€ is added.
Please make the payment to: EESTI METSLOOMAÜHING
Account: EE802200221075444823
International payment info: SWEDBANK, SWIFT code/BIC HABAEE2X
Details: 12 photo nature calendar, …. pcs / 4 fantasy photo calendar, …. pcs
Make sure to add the location of your nearest Smartpost parcel machine and your phone number!
To speed up the processing of your order you can also include a payment confirmation.
Send your order to us by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
NB! We will start shipping the calendars from 25th of November!
International orders
We can service international orders if you pay by bank transfer or through Paypal:
The prices of delivery are based on current Omniva price list. Packages weighing up to 2kg can be shipped as a large letter, which is usually cheaper than the parcel service. (https://www.omniva.ee/.../Universaalse_postiteenuse_kiri...)
Bigger packages will be shipped based on the price list for parcels on Omniva’s website.

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