This summer our volunteers cared for 128 baby squirrels🐿, 77 bunnies🐇, 261 little hedgehogs🦔and 5 fox cubs🦊 , until they were old enough to be released.
They all required special formula milk to grow, different type for each species. Also solid foods after they were weaned off milk.
There are only a few unlucky baby animals left who were a bit too late with growing up and who are still in our care.
Raising baby animals is very costly and we have only been able to do it thanks to your donations and support.
The biggest reward for our volunteers is the emotion from releasing a recovered animal into the wild. Sometimes sorrows come with the joys, because regardless of our efforts, not all baby animals make it into adulthood.
Big thanks to our donators, foster homes and of course Millamore, who donates soft bedding and nesting material! ❤🙏
The new season seems far away, but we still need to prepare for it already. Formula powder is running low and we need to start restocking it ahead of time. Like a squirrel gathering nuts for the winter, we start gathering supplies for the new season of baby animals.

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Estonian Wildlife Rescue is based on volunteering and relies only on donations. That’s why every donation is very important to us!
If you wish to support wild animals who are injured or in need and help keep our advice and emergency line operating.
No: 9009933 - donate 5€
No: 9009955-donate 25€
(Works only if you call from an estonian number!)
(Please listen trough the whole story, otherwise we won’t get your donation!)
The donation can also be sent to a bank account:
Account Nr.: EE952200221067573100
Explanation: "For helping wild animals!"
PayPal account link:
Thanks to all of our contributors! ❤️
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