About an hour ago we received a notice that a bird has been found on the road at Vääna-Jõesuu.There seemed to be no blood, the bird had moved but didin’t fly away.

Finder of the bird sent us a picture and it was none other than osprey or more specifically the western osprey.
Western osprey is rare in Estonia and under the first category of nature protection.

Back to our story: Since I and II category of nature protection is handled by the Environmental Agency,we instantly called them and veterinarian Madis Leivits.
At the same time we asked the finder of the bird to drive to Tallinn ,obviously the osprey needed help.
We waited for further instructions and this time we got them very fast. It was decided that the osprey will be handed over to a person in the Environmental Agency in Tallinn and the woman who found the bird was instructed to do so.

As of right now the osprey has been transferred and we hope from all our hearts that everything will be fine!

If you happen to notice a bird that is standing strangely by the road, then please, don't just drive by!
Make sure that everything is fine and the bird can fly

This is known to be one of the latest finds of an osprey in Estonia.

We thank Kätlin Merilain from all of our hearts, she was the one who noticed this rare bird in need and took the osprey to a safe place.
Hopefully we’ll get further information in the coming days and will find out what was wrong with the bird and what its future is.

Thanks to our volunteers who dealt with this case : Merit Blaksnov, Merilin Laud and Virge Võsujalg.
And thanks to Katrin Idla who put together the fragments of information and quickly hung it up in facebook.

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