It is the 7th of November and our telephone operator receives a troubled call from Elva:
"Since the early morning, a lonely european roe deer (Capreolus capreolus) has been spotted in the field. Sometimes he lies down, sometimes moves."
Obviously, he's not okay when otherwise a timid wild animal is looking for human proximity. Maybe hit by a car, poisoning, some disease ... There are many options.🤷‍♀️
Until our volunteer Signe Widack rushed to the animal, the roe deer was under the watchful eye of our courageous informant Ester Sirg who was waiting for help and defying the cold wind.
Sincere thanks for caring! ❤️
The roe deer was packed beautifully in the car, followed by a trip to veterinarian Tõnu Kalja, who has offered his help to us and our distressed wild animals many times in the past.
Amongst the people, the roe deer behaved suspiciously calm and gentle, while the veterinarian did not detect any problems. The temperature was fine as well as the breathing and heart rate. There were no bruises, bones were healthy. Movements and reactions adequate, eating well.
The next day, the urine sample was also okay, no inflammation. The roe deer boy eats and drinks and seems to feel well. 👍
However, we are still a bit suspicious of the animals behaviour.
Is there a human hand behind such fearless behavior? 🤔
Considering the roe deer's gentle nature and the fact that it does not respond adequately to a touch as a wild animal should, it is possible that this roe deer was raised by a human.
It was also suspected that the wild animals teeth were too yellow for its age, which could indicate that the roe deer had not been fed the right food.
But yes, these are just doubts, not facts.
But the roe deer boy is eagerly awaited by Elistvere Zoo, who has already made every effort to provide the best care possible.❤️

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