7th of November we received a notice from Kohila.

Apathetic tawny owl was found by the side of the road.
Finder picked the bird up, put a sweater around it to keep it warm and they started their journey to Tallinn to bring the tawn owl to Merilin Laud.
The probable impact of the car was quite strong, some of the feathers were broken and the bird kept its eyes closed all the time.
To provide the best conditions to tawn owl it was taken to our owlfairy Virge Võsujalg to Paide by Airiin Hango.
It was clear right away that the recovery takes long time, but thanks to Virges patience and care the first signs of healing were soon to be noticed.
Step by step the bird became more active and started to open its eyes. It was a great joy to see, that the tawny owl was feeling better day after day.
By now the tawny owl has been fully recovered, the hunting test has passed the grade 5+ and the door to freedom is open.
A small problem turned out to be the fact, that the tawny owl felt that life with Virge was good and the cage was so cozy and comfortable that the bird decided to stay there as permanent resident.
Unfortunately it’s not possible, the bird who can survive in nature must go to freedom.
Virge had nothing left to do, she had to catch the bird from the cage and to choose the suitable releasing spot.
Poor thing was quite confused about which is about to happen so early in the morning.
After landing on a tree the owl shook itself clean from human contact, pulled itself thin and stayed there for a while.
When the tawny owl realized, that it has to cope in nature by itself despite the coudy weather it pulled itself together, chose the right direction and off it flew.
The cage stays waiting others in need.
We wish you to feel always full and safe flight to you, little friend!

We make a great bow to man who noticed helpless tawny owl by the road and looked for help, to Merilin who took the bird to her care at first, to Airiin who transported the tawny owl and to Virge for her care and patience!

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