On the 20th of december we got a notice, that there is a hawk like bird for two days, who can’t fly, in a sand quarry in Kõrveküla, Tartu county.

The person who called us said, that the bird just fell down from the sky and landed into the water pool.
Our volunteer, Airiin, rushed over there and soon it became clear, that our freefaller was no one else, than a northern goshawk. Airiin took the bird into the caring hands of Madis Leivits.

It was this years female chicken hawk. At first her body temperature was high, all other health indicators were indicative of a healthy bird. Blood test also gave only positive news.

After a while being monitored, the chicken hawk was released again. Miss hawk was agressive and angry before releasing, as appropriate for the wild bird.

Good luck and high flight, to this beautiful bird!

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